HBCUs, Jarvis Christian College and St. Augustine’s University, Honored for Activities Aimed at Improving Health and Welfare of Black Communities

Jarvis Christian College
Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Christian College was recently named as a member of the Millennium Campus Network’s coalition of schools. Membership indicates that students are active in launching and producing initiatives to expand social justice and to end socioeconomic disparities in their communities.

JCC students were selected for their diabetes awareness campaign targeting area youth; an important program for a state that is among the nation’s worst in diabetes diagnoses and diabetes as a risk factor in pregnancy-related deaths among black women. 

Last week, Saint Augustine’s University held a public mental health fair on campus with an emphasis on mental health wellness and suicide prevention. The fair was timely for many reasons on a college campus, where suicide ideation among students, according to a recent survey, now impacts one out of every five students.

But it is even more important for North Carolina’s military communities, where suicide rates among active duty and retired military personnel are rising with fewer victims showing prior histories of mental illness.

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SOURCE: J.L. Carter Sr.
HBCU Digest

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