Houston, TX to Feature Two Rival Martin Luther King Day Parades

For more than two decades, Houston has had competing parades on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with organizers lobbing allegations of favoritism and conspiracy at each other and at city officials as the groups battled over permits and preferred starting times. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, up for re-election in November, hoped to finally put an... Continue Reading →


Richard Phillips, Michigan Man Who Wrongfully Served 45 Years for Homicide, Sells Paintings he Did in Prison to Get By

Richard Phillips said he didn’t mope much during the 45 years he wrongfully spent in prison. He painted watercolors in his cell: warm landscapes, portraits of famous people like Mother Teresa, vases of flowers, a bassist playing jazz “I didn’t actually think I’d ever be free again. This art is what I did to stay... Continue Reading →

Morgan Freeman Is Blamed for His Granddaughter’s Death at Her Killer Boyfriend’s Sentencing to 20 Years in Prison as His Mother Screams Out That the Oscar Winner ‘Molested Her’ Before Being Ushered Out of Court

In an emotional sentencing of the man who killed Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, the defendant’s family screamed that it was all the famed “Shawshank Redemption” actor’s fault, alleging that he sexually abused the victim when she was younger. “Morgan Freeman molested her and he caused this. He did this,” Lamar Davenport’s mother yelled to a reporter as... Continue Reading →

Black Student Sues Kansas School District for Race Discrimination after Teacher Told Her She Was ‘Too Dark’ to Participate in Dance

An African-American girl who was allegedly told that her skin was "too dark" to perform during a school dance has filed a racial discrimination suit against the Blue Valley School District. Camille Sturdivant graduated from Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, Kan., in May 2018 and was one of two African-American students on... Continue Reading →

Texas Police Woman Accused of Trying to Hire Too Many African-Americans Settles Lawsuit with City After White Officers Complained

The city of Denton has agreed to pay $68,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a former police department recruiter who said she was retaliated against because she funneled too many African-American candidates into the pipeline for jobs with the Denton Police Department. The Denton City Council approved the settlement offer designed to end the... Continue Reading →

Citi Bank Says it Will Place More Black Employees in Senior Roles, Reveals its Female Workers Make 29% Less Than Men

Citigroup’s female employees earn 29 percent less than their male counterparts, the Wall Street bank revealed on Wednesday, while announcing targets for appointing more women and minorities to senior roles. The median pay for Citi’s women employees globally was just 71 percent of the median for men, while that for minorities in the United States... Continue Reading →

WATCH: NFL Announces Atlanta Legend Gladys Knight Will Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl LIII

The NFL announced Thursday morning that Gladys Knight will sing the National Anthem before Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Knight, a seven-time Grammy Award-winner, was born and raised in Atlanta. Knight, known as the Empress of Soul, is best-known for her No. 1 singles "Midnight Train to Georgia" and "That's What Friends Are For.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F-4-MjHG2Y... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Georgia High School Football Star Arrested at School on Murder Charges

https://w3.cdn.anvato.net/player/prod/v3/anvload.html?key=eyJtIjoiYW52IiwicCI6ImRlZmF1bHQiLCJ2IjoiNDU3MzcxMiIsImFudmFjayI6Ijh2OUJFeW5yd3g4RUZMWXBnZk9XY0cxcUpxeVhLbFJNIiwic2hhcmVMaW5rIjoiaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cud3NidHYuY29tL25ld3MvbG9jYWwvc3Rhci1hdGhsZXRlLWF0LW1ldHJvLWF0bGFudGEtaHMtYXJyZXN0ZWQtZm9yLW11cmRlci1jb25zcGlyYWN5LzkwNTUzNzY1MiIsInBsdWdpbnMiOnsiY29tc2NvcmUiOnsiY2xpZW50SWQiOjYwMzU5NDR9LCJkZnAiOnsiY2xpZW50U2lkZSI6eyJhZFRhZ1VybCI6Imh0dHBzOi8vcHViYWRzLmcuZG91YmxlY2xpY2submV0L2dhbXBhZC9hZHM%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%3D%3D A star athlete at a local high school is being held in jail without bond after police arrested him on murder charges. “It’s amazing how kids can ruin their lives at the stroke of a minute ya know – just seconds,” parent Allen Russell said. Russell’s son is a junior at Alexander High School.... Continue Reading →

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